Save the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fish!


These glistening fish, known as Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, amass to roughly 500 pounds a fish! While they are great in both their size and beauty, they are unfortunately on the endangered species list. The product here is made from some recycled cardboard and a little love. A portion of the funds counted toward these special items will be donated to charities and foundations that hold goals in working towards the issues this beautiful species is facing, such as extinction, and many other species as well.

The product is roughly 4 inches tall, all made from 100% recycled cardboard material and some artsy detailing. The listed price is for one Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fish and you will also receive a crystal chosen randomly with your purchase. Please do feel free to send a message or add a note with any questions, concerns or what have you. Thank you!