Black Leather Candle


•Brand: Felicity’s Natural World Products LLC

•Scent: Lavender

•Volume: 4oz 

•Handmade with 100% recycled glass jars

•Handmade from 100% natural, organic, vegan, paraben and cruelty free products 
•Made with organic soy wax
•Caution/Disclaimer: If for any reason I don't have 4oz glass jars available, I may substitute it for a bigger size recycled steel can for the same price. In this situation, please do be careful around the edges, as they are a bit sharp. It’s recommended or rather best to use a long or extended lighter

•Made to order-feel free to add any notes or requests on preferences, questions and concerns

•Health benefits are infinite when it comes to Lavender. It aids in offering us soothing sleep, does wonders for mood and emits feelings of relief.